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Resources for Respiratory Medicine

Tools / Calculators

Peak Flow Calculator - Calculate Peak Expiratory Flow with NHANESIII

Predicted Values Calculator - Comprehensive Predicted Respiratory Reference Normal Values

ABG Predicted Normal Values Calculator - Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) and alveolar-arterial gradient predicted normal values calculator

BTPS Calculator
-  Compute the BTPS factor based on room temperature and atmospheric pressure

DLCO  and VA predicted normal values - Calculator for predicted values from four references in US and European units

DLCO Correction for Hemoglobin - Calculator for the DLCO correction using the method of Cotes

DLCO Correction for Altitude - Calculator for the DLCO correction for differences of altitude

DLCO Correction for Carboxyhemoglobin (COHb) - Caculator for the DLCO correction for increased carboxyhemoglobin (COHb)


Links for Respiratory Specialists

Recommended books on Spirometry

Glossary of Respiratory Parameters

Academic literature references for spirometry


Low cost mechanical peak flow meters

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