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Pulmonary Function - DLCO Reference Normal Predicted Values Calculator

DLCO Predicted Normal Values

Many studies have published carbon monoxide breath diffusion capacty (DLCO), also known as TLCO in Europe, for a variety of populations and age ranges. Populations of interest were sampled and statistical analyis was used to determine "normal" results for each parameter of interest. In this calculator we make available the calculations from several important references.

It was found that the main predictors of DLCO are height, gender and age.  It was found that weight was shown to be a predictor of DLCO and DLCO/alveolar volume in women.  Diffusing capacity along with spirometry is the cornerstone of the clinical guidelines for the diagnoses of COPD and other pulmonary conditions. 

This calculator will compute the normal values for 4 different references.
For information on the equations used in this calculator, as well as details on the sample populations please consult the desired references directly.

References included in this calculator include:
  • Hedenstrom 1985-6

  • Crapo 1982

  • Gulsvik 1992

  • Thompson 2008
Complete information on the references is found here.

Use of this calculator:

To use the calculator please enter the patient's basic information as well as smoking status and press "submit query". Note that each reference has different
patient populations and input requirements which will be summarized with the results.

For further reading on predicted values and their use the following books are also highly recommended:

Recommended books on spirometry


Required by most predicted values references:

Date of birth



Tobacco use (g/day)
    (Hedenstrom 1986 only)
Smoke years
    (Hedenstrom 1986 only)
Pack years
     (Hedenstrom 1986 only)


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